Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Searching for Inspiration

Well, on November 14th I was completely blindsided by inspiration for a new book and decided to follow it. Thank God I did, because I think it's my best work and have a lot of high hopes for it. It's an urban fantasy featuring a very sassy pixie as the main character, and a yummy love interest who's not quite emotionally available. This will be a multi-book series.

Now, here I am, on December 2nd, and I seem to have run out of steam. Not for the story. I know where it's going and I'm pretty excited about it. But for me. I need some inspiration to keep going. The story's burning a hole in me, dying to be told, and I'm so tired all I can think about is sleeping more.

Okay, need to get out of this funk, because this story is too good not to tell. Here I go: